Estock Investment

Our method

Our strategy is simple: we do our best to avoid market falls and take advantage of market rises.

We analyse different market volatility metrics on a daily basis to detect when institutional investors (mutual funds, pension funds, large caps, etc.) start hedge their investments against potential downturns, and with what level of intensity. This is because large investors do not have the option of selling their assets in the market (too much volume) in the event of a downturn, so they only have the option of hedging their portfolios. Based on the volatility data measured, our algorithm tells us what to do.

We only have three alternatives in mind: SPY (S&P500 ETF), TLT (20-year US bond ETF) and staying in cash, which makes trading simple but efficient.

In this way, most of the time we invest in the US stock market, i.e. SPY (S&P500 ETF). If our algorithm tells us that there are risks, we move our portfolio to a very safe and stable security such as TLT (20-year US bond ETF), which traditionally has an inverse behaviour to the S&P500. And if we see that TLT is not the best alternative at a given moment, we simply stay in cash. With this method we avoid the falls, we take advantage of safe yields and we eliminate any type of emotion by only going by what the data says.

We are risk-averse investors who do not want to lose our savings. We also have a long-term mentality, i.e. our strategy is based on growing our savings in a sustainable and low-risk way. After a few years, we want our savings to have multiplied, giving us peace of mind for the future.

Not at all. What we do is the same as what many investment funds do and these are banking strategies. However, we have acquired the right knowledge to be able to manage our money ourselves without managers, banks and others taking a piece of our cake. What we propose at Éstock Investment is that you can do the same.

At Éstock Investment we obtain better results than other entities because we manage our savings ourselves, there is no intermediary.

We’ve been trading in stock markets since our teens, watching them at home and putting our own savings into this type of investment. We have learned about many products and types of investments until we found the key to what we were looking for in our savings. We have regular jobs and we don’t like to suffer the emotions of the market or spend all day looking at how our investments are doing. With this strategy we have combined in the same cocktail shaker a very good profitability, low risk and low frequency (an average of 3 operations per month) in the same cocktail shaker, and we don’t get nervous about what happens on a daily basis.

Éstock Investment’s strategy is not designed to make you a millionaire overnight. We want sustainable results over time and to increase our savings with a very limited risk. Results are typically seen within a period of 3 to 6 months.

Éstock Investment is only an informative tool of how the market is evolving, the interested party is the one who makes their investment decisions based on all the information available to them. Generally speaking, if someone doesn’t feel confident about a transaction or at a certain point in the market, we recommend that they don’t make it or that they “CASH-out”.


Once your order is confirmed and processed by our team, in a maximum of 12 hours you’ll have access to the Whatsapp or Telegram distribution list (whichever you’ve chosen).

Yes, we don’t have any type of permanence.

The same as with your favorite streaming platforms, if you don’t cancel your subscription to Éstock Rotation within 30 days, your card will be charged the amount of the monthly fee.

Daily report

At Estock Investment we adapt to your preferences, which is why you can choose between Whatsapp or Telegram to receive the daily report.

No, on Saturday and Sunday the stock exchange is closed and we can neither get our data nor make any transactions, so you don’t have to worry about your investments during the weekend.

Rain or shine, you will receive the investment idea Monday through Friday, EXCEPT if it’s a holiday in New York. The New York Stock Exchange holidays in 2021 are: April 2, May 31, July 5, September 6, November 25 and 26, December 24.

The operation we performed

Except in times of high volatility in the markets (a few times a year), trades can be made a few hours later or the next day, although obviously the buy/sell prices may be different (in both directions) from the time of receiving the message.

One of the most common questions when it comes to investing. There’s no minimum capital, unless required by the broker. However, to compensate for the information service costs, an amount of at least 3,000 EUR/USD may be the minimum.

Each investor decides their own trades, which includes not only making them, but also the timing and prices at which to make them, which will most certainly cause the trades to mismatch… no two portfolios behave the same, even if they use the same benchmark.

It’s always advisable at first to start on a demo account (available at most brokers) for a period of time until you feel confident in the mechanics of trading. Afterwards it is good to start with a small amount (10% of the available amount), to test our emotions (greed and fear) with real money.

It’s possible to invest using options, and their corresponding advantages, but it should always be done by people with the appropriate knowledge and experience. We could buy SPY options very “in the money” with a delta close to 1 and with a close expiration. So with just the outlay of a % of what would be necessary in the case of buying the ETF (between 10% and 30%), we’ll get the same exposure.

Éstock Investment is only an informative tool of how the market evolves, interested parties are the one who makes their investment decisions based on all the information available to them. Generally speaking, if someone doesn’t feel confident about an operation or at a certain moment of the market, we recommend that he or she not make it or to “CASH-out”.

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